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Kiss Fragrance of Flowers Goodbye


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Beyond the walls, beyond the barriers and obstacles that surround so many. There, where sometimes blooming flowers of hidden beauty rain down like clear sparks over the landscape of the soul. Lonely beauty often unseen and never loved. When the human eye could look beyond these walls, beyond the faces and the judgments, this world would be beyond pain.                   

                                                           Erik Koen van Glabbeek

      Kiss Fragrance of Flowers Goodbye

                          By DS


Wind of April

Passing on a blast of peach fragrance

Looking up into the sky

Date to meet with immeasurable joy


Who are you

Hug me lightly calling my nickname

Who are you

Hold my hand driving my lonesome away


Pink in distance provoked all dazzling  

Golden rays of sun catch hold of our tenderness

Leaves of happiness fall into lake surface

Ripples of smile rippling slowly   


Slowly along with fragrance of flowers

Can you find the brightness of spring?

Peacefully in the moonlight

Will you push the window of soul open


Bended to pick up bouquets of your smiles

How can I refuse a dream wandering one hundred years?

One-hundred-year dream is coming to me today


Today we are paddling a boat hardly

Left behind all distress in the other shore

And loaded my devotion and your aspiration

What matter where will I go on returning journey

Reluctant to kiss fragrance of flowers goodbye always


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