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Christmas Flowers & Gift Ideas

Christmas Flowers are an important part of any holiday tradition. Although you might not realize it, Christmas is intertwined with flowers and has been since the beginning of its' celebration. Flowers make the Christmas holiday special, and their scent and festive colors can add a nice touch to any household.

The traditional colors of Christmas are red, white and green, which are all in abundance in the floral world. Often, arrangements that are created for Christmas will include greenery such as holly or pine boughs, to evoke the feeling of the winter season. The holly can last for quite a while while in water, and pine boughs don't even need that to last a few weeks. They are a great touch to add to your Christmastime bouquets and centerpieces.

Another holiday flower that is seen quite frequently is the poinsettia. This flower was first discovered in Mexico when the Spanish colonized the area. The poinsettia was named after Joel Poinsett, who discovered the plant and brought it back to the United States in the 1820's. This flower was eventually cultivated in the US and grown both outdoors and in hothouses for use as a cut flower and in landscaping. In the 1900's the Ecke family of California popularized the poinsettia and are still known as the country's largest grower of the flower today.

Also seen in many florists' shops at this time of year is mistletoe. This plant grows as a parasite on the oak tree, and its white berries and green foliage are a staple of the Christmas season. Mistletoe is used as an ornament hanging from ceilings or doorways, and tradition states that you are supposed to kiss whoever you are standing under the mistletoe with. For many years it has been hard to find mistletoe with the real berries attached, as the berries are poisonous to humans and other animals. Be careful when handling real mistletoe for this reason.

Roses and other flowers are also used in the Christmas tradition. Roses are grown year round, so their hardy buds and flowers are used in many winter arrangements. Red roses, symbols of love, and white roses, symbols of purity, are used in Christmas bouquets for their meaning as well as their Christmas-y colors.

Flowers can also make a great Christmas gifts. Cut flowers can brighten up a house and show love and affection to the recipient. A potted plant or flower can be beautiful as well, and they have the benefit of lasting longer and possibly re-blooming at a later date. Which ever type of flower you choose to give as a Christmas gift, you can be sure that whoever you give the gift of flowers to will be grateful for your love and thoughtfulness.

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