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Festival of China Coming: Pure Brightness

Pure Brightness(2008-4-4), Also called as Tomb-sweeping Day, It is the occasion for all the Chinese to honor their ancestors. As it is early spring and usually falls around April 4, it is usually breezy and drizzly. But urban dweller prefer to go to the countryside during the season.


Paying respects to the dead in the third month in lunar calendar is related to the custom of funeral. Sweeping tomb has been an indispensable custom since Qin Dynasty.


Tomb-sweeping day is not only one of the twenty-four solar terms but also an old traditional festival. The day before tomb-sweeping day is called Hanshi Festival which is also in the third month of lunar year. This festival is in memory of a famous minister of Jin kingdom during the Spring and Autumn Period.


Customs related to Pure Brightness Festival: not eating food, sweeping the tomb of ancestors, going out to surburb, having a swing, flying a kite, cockfighting, and playing the ball, etc.

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