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Flower Trips in China


Spring is the season of flowers. Here in China, March and April are the best times to enjoy the sea of flowers. So this spring, we want to recommend to you some attracting places specially for enjoying flowers in China. Let's start our trip with those dazzling golden rape flowers in southwestern China.


1. Luoping in Yunnan Province for rape flowers

The beautiful golden rape flowers in Luoping [photo source:]

Luoping county is located in eastern Yunnan province in southwestern China. It has a large area of rape fields. March is the month that rape flowers bloom. So if you go there now, you can dive yourself into a sea of golden flowers.

Jinji Mountain, or "Golden Rooster", is the best spot to enjoy a bird-view of the whole flower field. Besides the rape flowers, you can also visit the nearby Jiulong Waterfall and Duoyi River Scenic Spot.

During this time, of course the fresh buds and flowers of rape are some must tries. There are specialties made from them. You can also find a night market in the small county.


In the county, there are several hostels and guesthouses. Prices range from $4 to $28 per night. During the peak season, like spring, you'd better book in advance.


There is no direct flight to Luoping county but you can take a train there. There is a stop at the Luoping county.

2. Hangzhou West Lake for pink peach blossoms

The picturesque Xihu Lake in Hangzhou with romantic peach blossoms [photo source:] 

West Lake is always a special attraction in Hangzhou at anytime of the year. We introduced its beauty in the winter season in our programs before and now it is a time when the lake is surrounded by peach blossoms. Late March is usually the peak time for peach blossoms.

With flowers all around, the West Lake is like a piece of heaven.

If you are a peach blossom fan, Longquan Mountain in Sichuan is also a good choice.


The local specialties include Beggar's Chicken, West Lake Fish in Sweet Sour Source, and Dongpo Pork, to name just a few.
Recommended Restaurant for local specialties: Louwailou Restaurant.


As one of the most pleasant cities in China, finding a comfortable place to stay is not a problem.


Beijing to Hangzhou:  Plane ticket: 70 dollars, single trip, 2 hours
                                 Train ticket: 45-65 dollars per person, 15 hours

3. Chengdu for pear blossom

The Pear Blossom Brook at Xinjin county in Chengdu, like a "snow" fairy land in spring. [photo source:]

In Chengdu, the most famous spot to enjoy flowers of pear trees is the Pear Blossom Brook at Xinjin county. The brook gains its beauty from the flowers and the flowers look much prettier with the water by its side.

The most attractive thing is that you can enjoy a cup of tea under a hundred year old pear tree with sunshine warming you and listen to the sounds from lives awakening from the cold winter. And of course, at that time you would be surrounded by a sea of snow white pear blossoms.


As the birthplace of Sichuan cuisine, there are many time-honored restaurants in the city, such as Zhong Shuijiao dumpling restaurant, and Han Baozi, a steamed dumpling restaurant. You can also enjoy all kinds of snacks from vendors on the streets. Believe me, Chengdu is definitely a heaven of tasty Chinese food.


Accommodation in Chengdu is quite convenient. The average price for a standard room for two people in a 5-star hotel is 900 yuan, or 100 US dollars, per night. Similarly, the average price for a standard room for two people in an economical hotel is about 170 yuan, or 20 US dollars per night.


First you need to get to Chengdu and then you can take a bus to Xinjin county, to the scenic spot. It will take you about an hour.

From Beijing to Chengdu,
by air: one way, 180 US dollars, two and half hours
by train: Hard sleeper, 400 yuan, or 50 US dollars, about 25 hours
                                                     Soft sleeper, 600 yuan, or 75 US dollars, about 25 hours

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