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How To Properly Care For Your Tulips

 flower Did you know that tulips didn't originate in Holland even though they celebrate the tulip festival? Tulips actually came from Turkey. Tulip means turban in the Turkish language. Despite the misconception of where tulips came from they are one of the most popular, beautiful flowers today.

flower Although tulips are technically considered to be perennials by the experts, it is perhaps best to think of them as annuals given the year around nature of their care and blooming cycle. It is in late October or perhaps even early November when green thumbers should plan on planting their bulbs into the soil.

flower What type of soil is best for tulip bulbs? Sandy soil is the best option. Sandy soil helps with drainage from the tulip. Verify that you use a planter properly otherwise your tulips might not drain. If tulips don't drain properly then they can rot more easily.

flower What can you do if you don't have sandy soil where you live? You can remedy this situation by adding sand and some compost to your soil. Just verify that the soil is sandy and dry. These conditions need to be present when digging and planting bulbs.

flower There is no specific depth that the experts recommend you plant a tulip. This is due in large part to the fact that tulip bulbs come in a wide variety of sizes. For a rough idea of how deep to plant the bulbs, measure the length. Then, multiply that length by three and plant the bulbs at that depth. Although not an ideal solution, this rough idea will net you more tulips in the springtime than simply planting your bulbs at a uniform depth.

flower Tulips do not normally fall to flower diseases. However, "Tulip Fire" can become a problem. Signs of this disease include stunted and deformed stems. With time the stunted and deformed stems have brown patches that spread to the leaves. At this point you should dig up all your tulip bulbs and start over.

flower If you don't want to buy new bulbs every year you can dig up the tulip bulbs each season. Make sure that you keep them in a cool, dry place until you can plant them again. They can rot even when they are not in the ground. Therefore, proper storage is of the utmost importance. You should dig up your bulbs when the leaves and foliage are completely dry.

flower Tulips are a beautfiul addition to any garden and the aroma is wonderful. If you cut tulips to display them make sure to add some sugar to the water. This will let the tulips live another week longer. Whether you enjoy tulips in the garden or on your kitchen table, they are a nice addition to your surroundings.
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