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LIGHT: Bright, indirect light or direct sun. Ideal temperatures 75F-85F during the day, and 60F-65F during the night.

WATER: Lightly water once a week but be cautious of over-watering. Orchids do not have organs to store water, and excess water can cause root rot. Best to water over a sink and to never allow orchid to sit in water.

FERTILIZER: Only fertilize when plant is not in bloom. Feed plant with a high-nitrogen fertilizer once a month.

HUMIDITY: Moist air is ideal, with a humidity level of 55%-75%. Place plant over a tray or dish of water to increase moisture. Be sure to sit the plant on small rocks to ensure plant is not sitting directly in water.

PRUNING: After all blooms have withered, cut the stem above the second or third node below the last bloom to encourage growth.
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