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Secret gifts in China

Light weight at the hospitable
      Gifts should consider specific circumstances and occasions. Private to private banquet in general, should Minor mistress with gifts such as flowers, fruits, and other native products. A child can send toys, candy. Invited to participate in the wedding, in addition to art, accessories, but also presented bouquets and practical items, the New Year, Christmas, can be sent to the general calendar, wine, tea, candy, and cigarettes.
      Gifts to grasp the timing and manner of gifts should generally be presented. But sometimes participate in the wedding, but also sent in advance. He festive ceremony, presented the ceremony, sent by mail or delivered to their doorsteps. Then with gifts should be attached to the gift card, but also a handwritten message, packaged in the size of the envelope, the envelope marked grandfather's name, posted on the skin above the gift packaging. Under normal circumstances, only to the public by a group of people in a personal gifts is inappropriate. Because people have accepted bribes and gifts fooled by the flu, but the recipient will not have neglect and contempt by the flu. People close to the gifts it is not carried out in public to avoid leaving you close to the public entirely on material things supporting feeling. Only light at the special gift hospitable heavy, emotional expression special gift, it is appropriate in the face in the public donated. Since then the public has become a witness to your real friendship. As a special souvenirs.
Friendly attitude, not missing words
      When giving gifts to the attention of attitude, action and language. Calm and friendly, graceful movements and accompanied by courtesy of language, is prepared to accept the gifts. That gets gift of the garage or under the table at a corner of the practice, not only has failed to gifts, and even anti-U.K.. General customary in China, the Federation of gifts too modest when he said: "Alexander! Alexander! "" Only 1:00 o'clock, "or" I am sorry ... "This practice best avoided. Of course, if presented in an almost proud when the tone, said: "This is a very precious thing!" Also inappropriate. The right gifts presented by the introduction, it should be emphasized that their cherished by the recipient party and the good graces hospitable, rather than the actual value of that gift, or to fall into a light-weight at the state and even bring the other side there is a feeling of accepting bribes.
Consider custom custom
      Because people matter for the King is one of the norms of social etiquette for gift choices, it should meet the regulatory requirements. The choice of gifts, the gifts to different objects treated differently. Generally speaking, the right to adopt to better benefits; The rich, sophisticated better; The lovers, lovers and lovers, and to commemorate the better; Right friends to interesting better; For the elderly, to better practical; Right child to a special education better novel; Right foreign dignitaries to characteristics better.
Gifts must avoid taboo grasp principles:
      China, for instance, generally "good pairs," and this is therefore all the big-Da, a gift at all good double-bogey, but Cantonese is taboo: 4 "even, as in Cantonese," four "sounds like" death "is not auspicious. no matter how good, although the pure white meaning perfectly, but the Chinese are more taboo, as in China, the white color is often Great Sadness of color and poverty. Similarly, black is also considered inauspicious, the disaster is the color of death, mourning color of mourning. Red, it is happy and peaceful, joyous symbol of the people's universal love. In addition, our people often pay attention to the elderly be deprived of watches, to be deprived of spouses or lovers pears, because of the "free minutes" and "caring", "pear" and "from" homophonic, is not auspicious. Also, if not for healthy people send medicines, unable to send personal friends of the opposite sex supplies.
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