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Send Flowers For The Mid-Autumn Festival



Each and every year, the Mid-Autumn festival takes place on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese lunar calendar. The festival is symbolic of family reunions and many people like to send gifts in order to wish those within their family (as well as outside of the family) best wishes.

One of the most common gifts sent is a moon cake. This is not the easiest thing to send to those who are far away, which is why more and more people are sending flowers for their delivering by local florist. You can send flowers for the Mid-Autumn festival easily and wish people best wishes in a new fashion way. This allows you to embrace the Chinese culture and be thoughtful without sending someone yet another moon cake.

If the person you are sending to lives in a Chinese community, they are likely going to get more moon cakes than they know what to do with. The Mid-Autumn Festival flowers are bright and colorful. The colors can include white, red, yellow, pink and others. You can choose to send a bouquet or an arrangement within a vase.

You have the ability to send flowers for the Mid-Autumn Festival to anywhere in China including Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang and others. At China Flower 214, you simply choose the stunning floral arrangement that you want and choose where you want it delivered. There are a variety of flowers to choose from and it’s even possible to choose based upon price.

The Mid-Autumn Festival goes by a variety of names including the Festival, the Lantern Festival and even the Reunion Festival. In 2008, the holiday was made an official Chinese public holiday and made so in Taiwan as well. It is also celebrated in Vietnam – and is considered the second most important of the holiday traditions.

The festival is always celebrated on the same day of the Chinese calendar, during a full moon. It will always take place in September or early October – and this year, it falls on Sept. 19. It’s important to show your love for your family members and instead of relying on baked goods and other traditional gifts, flowers are bright, cheerful and very modern.

Everyone will love receiving flowers for the Mid-Autumn Festival. You can choose to place your order online or call on the phone. You can also order ahead of time to ensure you don’t forget to wish the best for all of the loved ones in your life.

Flowers are something that everyone will love. They can be displayed at home, at work or anywhere else. Best of all, there are a wide range of designs and flowers to choose from, so you can send a different arrangement to everyone on your list.

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