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Tips for Getting Started

Beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements can be shown off in many different types of vases and containers. The possibilities are endless -- from an antique teapot or brass urn, to an elegant crystal vase or a simple glass jar. Avoid containers made of steel or iron.

  • Tip -- Make sure your vase is leak-proof and has a neck and water reservoir large enough for your flowers to fit comfortably. For some flower arrangements you may also want to use a brick of floral foam -- a substance that, when saturated, holds flowers in place.
  • Tip -- Be sure to soak your foam in water containing a floral food solution. Let foam absorb water at its own rate. Cut it to fit the shape of your container, leaving enough space for reserve water. Floral foam cuts easier when it's wet.

If your flowers sometimes don't stand up straight ...

  • Tip -- It could be your vase is too short for your flowers, or your flowers are too tall for your vase! A good rule of thumb; the height of your vase should be about half as tall as your flowers.
  • Tip -- Build a grid across the top of your vase with clear tape. Then place flowers within the grid.

Oh no! I've cut my flowers too short!

  • Tip -- Don't worry. Just add pebbles or marbles to the bottom of your vase or simply float the head of a broken flower in a clear bowl for a charming display.

Splish, splash, my furniture is taking a bath!

  • Tip -- To avoid spill over when watering your flowers, use a kitchen bulb-type baster to reach into narrow vases and full arrangements.
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