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Eastern and Western art of flower arrangement styles and characteristics

Eastern and Western art of flower arrangement styles and characteristics

The emergence and development of arts and culture, is inseparable from the soil to nourish it, this is the kind of soil culture and development of regional art, traditional culture, national customs and habits and so on. To floral art, because it nourishes the soil various, forming two floral oriental art of flower arranging and Western types, these two have a very different style of art types and characteristics, is to do a simple description and comparison.

China StyleUS Style

First, the oriental art of flower arrangement styles and characteristics

Oriental flower arranging, to representatives of China and Japan. Its style and features the following:
1. Respect for nature, Nature, Nature as the first purpose – seek to shape the performance of floral beauty and color of natural beauty, against deliberately artificial. The form of free and lively, both norms, not
Standardized. To accord with Ziranzhili, rich natural interest in principle.
“Although by the people for, Wan open during the day,” is the highest level of floral work.
2. Pay attention to poetic, pay attention to mood creation – not only on floral beauty and color of physical beauty, but also pay attention to flowers teaser to spend Tech, Vivid, that the pursuit of meaning and rich floral works of artistic conception of poetic beauty. Appreciate the works of both the shape and color of the United States, and thus deeply appreciate the beauty of its conception, the vast content of the work in the surf, to more in-depth understanding and interpretation of floral works.
3. Line shape, attention to individual lines of the United States – very sophisticated floral oriental floral selection and concise, do not order to win, but to the attitude and quality of floral materials first, focus on the individual lines show the floral beauty, it works using flowers Type less, the numbers are small, simple colors. If the Qing Shen Fu said: “The insert flowers, the number should be single, not double. Take a bottle, do not get the second color.” Line shape is a major feature of Oriental flower arranging, floral line weight, flat slope, right and wrong, relaxation, compete with other changes, gives a different sensory experience, with strong expression.
4. Composition using asymmetric nature – floral oriental works of the natural contour with asymmetric composition, although there are vertical, inclined, flat type, hanging type form of 4 kinds of basic composition, but not strictly the same format, through the scattered high and low momentum echo, pitch stare, rigid tortuous nature of each was wonderful, ever-changing formation of the asymmetric shape. His work fresh and clean, beautiful scene, without any form or format restrictions, arranged according to the needs of the theme or the environment, give full play of creative talent.
5. Floral personification – Since ancient times, people love flowers, flowers, the flowers and trees on the strong feelings generated in order to spend as partners, to take the friendship of the many touching stories handed down. Such as the Tao with chrysanthemums and peonies Li Bai, Lin Hejing plum and so on. In the Sui and Tang dynasties of China after more than trees and flowers are personified, was given all kinds of profound meaning, the expression of people’s nature, to society, the attitude of life. Creation in the flower arrangement, according to the theme selected, will cause the viewer’s sympathy, achieved unexpected success.
6. Emphasis on seasonal specialties – in different seasons have different flowers, each season has its typical floral materials, performance of the season’s theme of the season with a representative of that to plug for floral materials. The seasonal characteristics, so that works full reality of the appeal, make people really feel the touching scene of the season.
7. Emphasis on the unity of work and the environment – Oriental flower arranging and the environment focus on the unity of work and coordination. Only floral display in their work environment, adapt to, the work features beautiful shaped the theme of quality can be fully realized. Floral works of creation, only the specific function of the environment into account, dimensions, color, display location, the design layout requirements, etc., can create beautiful floral desirable works.

Second, the Western style of floral art and features of the main

To Europe and the United States representative. Because by its traditional culture, national customs and aesthetic awareness of the impact of Western floral art has its own unique style and features.
1. Respect for people’s power, the human spirit – the spirit of the ancient Greeks believed that a sound from a sound body, resulting in people’s “self-worship”, advocating the power of the human conquest of nature, people-oriented, promote human nature, the pursuit of individual freedom, like the open exposed style. This respect for nature and oriental manner, pay attention to subtle “possession of the deeper, the greater its territory,” the art style is in sharp contrast.
2. Pay attention to the overall beauty of color floral materials, design the U.S. – not elegant floral beauty and attitude of individual lines of the United States, stressing only the overall artistic effect. Focus on the overall appreciation of beautiful patterns and colors.
3. Basic composition in the form of regular geometric shapes – the main composition in the form of Western flower arrangement is a wide range of geometry. If there are symmetrical isosceles triangle, inverted T-shaped, fan-shaped, hemispherical, spherical, diamond, oval, etc.; asymmetric are not isosceles triangle, L-shaped, S-shaped, crescent and so on. More intensive and neat floral arrangement to form a full variety of structured graphics.
4. Works of floral species and large quantities, rich colors – Western style works for the completion of regular shape and colorful, with floral variety, quantity, color changes and more. Works very sophisticated use of color, have higher achievement, giving the elegant, dignified and generous feelings.
5. Through the appearance of forms, themes – Western style works more directly with the appearance form to illustrate the theme, such as with a red heart-shaped work, the performance of the theme of love, with cross-shaped work, condolences, etc., fully demonstrated the Western flowers open-minded straightforward style.

Third, the new East-West Development floral art

Into the information age, the East-West exchanges become more frequent floral art, through mutual exchange, mutual integration, complementarity, and excel. Western flower drawing flower line shape of the advantages of the East, so that works appear to be more active, more fluid, more attractive, and also draws on the natural composition Eastern floral asymmetric strengths, breaking the neat geometry of the constraints, the floral works, With refreshing progress. Oriental flower to flower as an example China, with the introduction of western flowers, especially the extensive use of ritual flower arrangements, traditional flower arranging an urgent need to adapt to the times, there must be a new development. Oriental flower arranging how to maintain both the style and features, but also conform to the new era of aesthetic changes, to better absorb the strengths of the Western art of flower arrangement to enrich themselves, to form the new characteristics of the times Oriental floral art system is the need for our efforts over a long period to resolve the issue. 20 years, our colleagues around the world exploring the flowers to open up the, try, has made considerable progress. First, in-depth study and explore the traditional art of flower arranging, to inherit and carry forward. This is the origin of oriental art of flower arrangement is in the future to further promote the basis of oriental art of flower arrangement. Second, through learning and research, found that some places need not meet the modern aesthetic, we must absorb the other art and Western art of flower arrangement and the advantages of the essence of each other, so that it can keep up with the pace of development of the times, adapt to the modern aesthetic taste, better services for the beautification of people’s lives.

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