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Sending Flowers to Someone in China Find a Local Florist

Sending flowers to someone is internationally recognised as a great way of letting them know you care. This is why a bouquet is the smart choice of gift for someone when you can't be there in person. Whether you want to say thank you to someone, to wish them a speedy recovery, or congratulate them on a special occasion, there is a flower that can convey the perfect sentiment.

However, flowers have different cultural connotations around the world. What might be considered a thoughtful token of appreciation in one part of the world can be considered inappropriate in another.

Another problem with sending flowers to someone in another country is finding a local florist. Often there is a language barrier that makes sending flowers a huge chore. In China particularly flowers have powerful and significant meanings, so choosing the correct flowers to send is very important.

If you want to send flowers to China for someone's birthday the type of flowers you should send depends on who's celebrating the birthday. For example, if someone is celebrating a senior birthday it is respectful to send flowers that will last for a long time, as floral longevity represents a long and healthy life, while including evergreen leaves is also a good idea because it represents eternal youth.

Flowers are also the perfect way to celebrate many festivals or holidays, whether they are celebrated in China or not. For example, if you're currently in a country that is celebrating Mother's Day, why not send her some flowers even though it won't be celebrated in China to give her an extra special surprise?

Valentine's Day is becoming more widely recognised in China, so if you can't be with the one you love on Valentine's Day let them know they're in your thoughts by sending a bouquet with plenty of roses, which symbolise love. Roses are also a good choice to send if you can't be with your special someone on your anniversary. Because an anniversary is a day that only you share, rather than something all couples celebrate, you should try and send an extra-impressive bouquet.

The arrival of a new baby is always a good time to send flowers. Bear in mind that the mother and father will be busy looking after their new arrival, so you should ensure that any flowers you send don't need any special preparation. Having them sent already in a vase is especially thoughtful, as the new parents only have to choose where to put them.

While flowers are often sent in times of celebration or happiness, they are also used to show grief. If someone close to you has died and you are unable to make the funeral sending a solemn bouquet of elegant flowers, such as lilies, is the perfect way to show you treasured their life.

Thanks to the internet it's now a little easier to find companies that can send flowers in China. Finding a company that works with local florists and can advise you on which flowers are best for what occasion will ensure that even though you can't be with someone on their special day they know that you're with them in spirit.

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