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Ten Essential Elements for Lifelong Companion

  Expert studies show that there are 10 factors must be taken into account in judging whether a couple is a heaven-made match.

First: the two people are the best friends of each other. Without any conditions, they like the companion of each other.

  Second: it is easy to communicate with each other. It can be very frank with anything, and not worry about being suspected or contempt.

  Third: the two people have the same idea and value concept in mind, and have clear understanding and pursuit of these ideas.

  Fourth: they both believe that marriage is a lifetime thing, and both sides (with special emphasis on "both sides") are willing to commit themselves firmly in the long-term marriage.

  Fifth: a conflict or dispute can be resolved together, rather than being put off until later outbreak.

  Sixth: both sides can get along with each other with happiness and laughter often. The both can be humorous and positive in many aspects of life .

  Seventh: the two know each other very well and accept each other. They understand the strengths and weaknesses of each other and remain convinced that they are accepted.

  Eighth: get support and recognition from the man you know most and trust most.

  Ninth: sometimes the two have romantic feelings; but for the vast majority of the time, the two get along with each other freely.

  Tenth: the two have a very rational and mature relationship and both feel that, in many different levels, they match each other well.

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