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The word is love

You know my loneliness is only kept for you, my sweet songs are only sung for you.

If living on the earth is a mission from the lord… living with you is the award of the lord…

Do you understand the feeling of missing someone? It is just like that you will spend a long hard time to turn the ice-cold water you have drunk into tears.

In such a soft and warm season, please accept my sincere blessing and deep concern for you.

For our ever-lasting friendship, send sincere blessings and warm greetings to my friends whom I miss so much.

It is graceful grief and sweet sadness to think of you, but in my heart, there is a kind of soft warmth that can’t be expressed with any choice of words.

You and I remains the same in different time, at different places,among different people; time is changing, space is changing and everything is changing except my miss to you!

Coffee is lonely without cups. I am lonely without you.

My heart beats for you every day. I am inspired by you every minute, and I worry about you every second. It is wonderful to have you in my life.

Wish you a happy new year and a good fortune in the coming year when we will share our happiness, think of our good friends, and our dreams come true!

Wish to meet my angle again lovely girl in my dream!

Do you fear a love fool who is loving you so deeply?


No matter the ending is perfect or not, you cannot disappear from my world.

Love is a carefully designed lie.

Promises are often like the butterfly, which disappear after beautiful hover.

Fading is true while flowering is past.

Why I have never catched the happiness? Whenever I want you ,I will be accompanyed by the memory of...

Love ,promised between the fingers
Finger rift,twisted in the love

If you weeped for the missing sunset,you would miss all the shining stars

to feel the flame of dreaming and to feel the moment of dancing,when all the romance is far away,the eternity is always there.

If we can only encounter each other rather than stay with each other,then I wish we had never encountered .

I would like weeping with the smile rather than repenting with the cry,when my heart is broken ,is it needed to fix?

There are no trails of the wings in the sky, while the birds has flied away.

When keeping the ambiguity with you ,I fear I will fall in love with you, and I fear I will cry after your leaving.

When a cigarette falls in love with a match,it is destined to be hurt

I found one day that I had nothing except the love.

When alive ,we may probably offend some people.However, we must think about whether they are deserved offended.

I am looking for the missing glass-shoes who has picked it up

You will have it if it belongs to you,whereas you don't kveth for it if it doesn't appear in your life.

No one indebted for others,while many people don't know how to cherish others.

Eternity is not a distance but a decision.

Dreaming in the memory is not as good as waiting for the paradise in the hell .

Where there is great love, there are always miracles.

Love is like a butterfly. It goes where it pleases and it pleases where it goes.

If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.

Within you I lose myself, without you I find myself wanting to be lost again.

At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.

Look into my eyes - you will see what you mean to me.

Distance makes the hearts grow fonder.

I need him like I need the air to breathe.

If equal affection cannot be, let the more loving be me.

Love is a vine that grows into our hearts.

If I know what love is, it is because of you.

Love is the greatest refreshment in life.

Love never dies.

The darkness is no darkness with thee.

We cease loving ourselves if no one loves us.

There is no remedy for love but to love more.

When love is not madness, it is not love.

A heart that loves is always young.

Love is blind.

Love is like the moon, when it does not increase, it decreases.

The soul cannot live without love.

Brief is life, but love is long.

Who travels for love finds a thousand miles not longer than one.

Love keeps the cold out better than a cloak.

Take away love, and our earth is a tomb.

My heart is with you.

I miss you so much already and I haven't even left yet!

I'll think of you every step of the way.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you.

Passionate love is a quenchless thirst.

The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a woman's heart.

One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life.That word is love.

Every day without you is like a book without pages.

Love is hard to get into, but harder to get out of.

Love is a light that never dims.

May your love soar on the wings of a dove in flight.

She who has never loved, has never lived.

Life is the flower for which love is the honey.

No words are necessary between two loving hearts.

Precious things are very few in this world. That is the reason there is just one you.

You make my heart smile.

The road to a lover's house is never long.

Why do the good girls, always want the bad boys?

Being with you is like walking on a very clear morning.

It is never too late to fall in love.

To the world you may be just one person. To the person you may be the world.

Where there is love, there are always wishes.

You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her.

Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence.

Love is not a matter of counting the days. It's making the days count.

With the wonder of your love, the sun above always shines.

Love is a fabric that nature wove and fantasy embroidered.

First love is unforgettable all one's life.

In the very smallest cot there is room enough for a loving pair.

Love without end hath no end.

Love's tongue is in the eyes.

In love folly is always sweet.

There is no hiding from lover's eyes.

The only present love demands is love.

The heart that once truly loves never forgets.

Love warms more than a thousand fires.

Your smiling at me is my daily dose of magic.

Your kiss still burns on my lips, everyday of mine is so beautiful.

Love understands love; it needs no talk.

Love me little and love me long.

First impression of you is most lasting.

When the words "I love you" were said by you for the first time, my world blossoms.

Tell me you are mine. I'll be yours through all the years, till the end of time.

Love is a fire which burns unseen.

I feel happy at times we have had angry words but these have been kissed away.

You cannot appreciate happiness unless you have known sadness too.

But if the while I think on thee, dear friend, all losses are restored, and sorrows end.

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