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Wedding flower meanings - modern day flower meanings

Flowers have been given new and alternative meanings to ensure their meanings still have relevance for today’s bridesand grooms. The Flowers & Plants Association felt it was time to give the language a bit of a makeover to bring a new, updated meaning to flowers, that suits both florists’ and customers’ needs better.

How to give gifts in China

China has a traditional convenance of accepting and presenting gifts - courtesy demands reciprocity. Giving presents is the best way to communicate with other people. You should take the following advice into account when you choose gifts.

Guangzhou Lingnan Flower Market - Flowers Market China

According to the government, the market will be enlarged to three times its current size, making it the largest in China. In addition, 300 underground parking spots will be added. After reconstruction, the market will have east, south and west districts. The east district is already finished and in operation.

Flowers and Flowers Market in Kunming

All kinds of flowers will grow in Kunming all year round. No matter when you visit Kunming, you will see fresh flowers everywhere.

Eastern and Western art of flower arrangement styles and characteristics

The emergence and development of arts and culture, is inseparable from the soil to nourish it, this is the kind of soil culture and development of regional art, traditional culture, national customs and habits and so on. To floral art, because it nourishes the soil various, forming two floral oriental art of flower arranging and Western types, these two have a very different style of art types and characteristics, is to do a simple description and comparison.

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